Mercedes Can and Will Be Going 100% Bio-Diesel

Mercedes can and will soon be fitting all of their vehicles in India with 100% Bio-Diesel. This comes as the Supreme Court issued a ban on the registration and use of diesel SUV’s and high end vehicles with over 2000cc’s. Mercedes are the company that has been the worst affected by this news as there(…)

Mercedes-AMG Set To Release Menacing GT R

The Mercedes GT R is a menacing car and there is no doubt about it. But, with the fast approaching Goodwood Festival of Speed, Mercedes-AMG (the high performance division of Mercedes-Benz) are going to release the GT R. The concept was first being talked about in the New York Auto Show earlier this year and(…)

Mercedes Attempt to Rival Tesla with Home Batteries

The Tesla Powerwall was released in the summer of 2015 and since then, it has been powering homes using for the better part of a year. Now though, Mercedes have created a rival home battery unit and are looking to compete with Tesla in this market. The units have been created by Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE, a(…)

Mercedes Are the Company Which Won’t Be Sinking Too Soon

Mercedes-Benz is a luxury range of cars which are now the most recognisable brands ever. They have consistently engineered and manufactured some of the best cars ever. But more recently, Mercedes have ventured into other forms of luxury. The most recent venture for Mercedes was a boating experience undertaken by Mercedes in partnership with the(…)

Is Mercedes-Benz Now Wrapped Up In the Emissions Scandal?

The question that is consistently on everyone who is interested in the car world’s mind is how many automobile makers have followed in the footsteps of Volkswagen? At random intervals, a new company seems to come out and surprise everyone by cheating the emissions laws. First it was Volkswagen and the companies attached to it(…)

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS

Having looked at the new Mercedes-Benz GLS class, the future of the SUV is going to rapidly change. What Mercedes have accomplished with this vehicle is putting the ‘Sport’ into SUV. But, what is going to make this vehicle so special? The GLS looks like your standard SUV, except with Mercedes’ luxury edge. What they(…)

Daimler executives will lead by example with electric and hybrid cars

Whether they want to or not, Mercedes and Daimler bosses will be forced to do the electric slide. Daimler, parent company of Mercedes Benz, announced in a press release this week that all the top executives in their company will soon be expected to drive a plug-in hybrid or full electric car as a way(…)

EPA request information from Mercedes over emission lawsuit

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the car… The Emissions Scandal II: The Emissions Strike Back. A spokesperson for Daimler said on Sunday the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had requested information from its luxury car brand Mercedes Benz to explain emissions levels in some of its cars. The(…)

Mercedes armours up for bulletproof civilian car

“Are you a particularly disliked individual? Do you have powerful enemies? Or do you live in a particularly rough area? Then we have the car for you!” – how we imagine Mercedes to advertise this new bulletproof car. Mercedes unveiled their Maybach S600 Guard model, which has been certified the first fitted with the highest(…)

Mercedes reduce robot presence on assembly lines

A rare victory for mankind in the eternal Man V Machine war. Mercedes Benz have switched their focus to vehicle customisation in a bid to woo modern consumers, and with this has come the realisation that the flexibility and dexterity of human workers is essential to keeping up with demand and standards. Mercedes Benz offer(…)