Maybach call it a day

The Maybach brand have now discontinued for 2013. It was made official last month. The Mercedes-Benz super luxury marquee was simply not making up the desired sales figures. The brand was first originated in 1909. It has a very rich and proud history. The very first engines to come from the company were at the(…)

Mercedes-Benz America Sales increase by 11.3 per cent in August

Mercedes-Benz America has seen a sharp increase of sales in August in America. The news has added a great deal of spice to the luxury car market in America. BMW’s sales dipped in August thanks to a special type of promotion which meant cars shifted last month went towards July’s total rather than August. Mercedes-Benz(…)

The Mercedes-Benz GL 63 AMG revealed at the Russian Motor Show

The 2012 Moscow motor show is the event for a number of world firsts and the Mercedes-Benz GL 63 AMG is one of them. The superb 2013 model has been one of the most highly anticipated vehicles of the year. As the year has progressed Mercedes-Benz revealed more and more details about the vehicle. The(…)

Next generation Smart Fortwo spotted

The new generation Smart Fortwo has spied upon in Europe. The automotive press have speculated about what is in store for the vehicle in future. From the spy shots, Renaults influence upon the car is quite clear to see. Elements of the Twingo are evidently seen upon the bodywork of the car. Renault and Daimler(…)