Mercedes to Unveil New Division?

Mercedes-Benz may be considering a new approach in order to better its rivals in the electric and hybrid vehicle platform. They may do this by introducing a new sub-division much like BMW’s ‘i’ class. Therefore, customers after a luxury vehicle will have an option to buy either an i3 or i8 from BMW or Mercedes’(…)

Mercedes’ Mad Meating

In the midst of excellent and innovative new vehicles, increasing sales and production and the investment of millions into new technology and factories, everything seems to be going extremely well for the luxury German automotive company. But just recently however, there was a little fracas at a shareholders meeting over sausages. Yes really, sausages. This(…)

Mercedes and the Airscarf…

Mercedes-Benz has been ordered to put one of their most prized useless car gadgets out of action for an extent period of time. If you haven’t heard of the Airscarf system then we recommend you really not worry about it. This gadget, which is easily explainable, sits on the headrest of most open top Mercedes(…)

Daimler Preparing Itself for Lawsuits

Daimler, the parent company of both Mercedes-Benz and Smart cars is preparing to be sued from a few of its own shareholders. The same phenomenon has just recently occurred with Volkswagen and the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund. The reason for the lawsuit from the companies own shareholders revolves around the loss of individual funds. Of(…)

The Beautiful 2017 Mercedes C300

The 2017 Mercedes C300 is bringing a new dimension into the Mercedes line up. This vehicle, which is set for release in 2017, would certainly win the top prize at Mercedes’ beauty contest. Mercedes’ C Class line has always produced some of the most beautiful compact executive cars that have available on the automotive market,(…)

The Mercedes E Class… What Should We Expect

The Mercedes-Benz E Class line has been available to purchase since 1993 and from that moment, that specific line of the German luxury performance vehicles have been their best selling to date. By 2015, there were 13 million global sales which result straight from this line. This is an extremely impressive figure for a luxury(…)

Mercedes-Benz Proved Their Worth Last Quarter

Mercedes-Benz performed extremely well in the first financial quarter of 2016. Setting new company records and beating targets, the company have been able to capitalise on market needs and have proven their worth as one of the best automotive companies, even with the high price tags for the luxury vehicles. Mercedes managed to sell 647,550(…)

A Quick Look at the Mercedes E 350 e Plug-in Hybrid

Mercedes have just completely reshuffled their whole E Series and the results have been excellent. This time round, we are seeing the 10th generation of the business class saloon. Although we have recently talked about just how good the new Mercedes-Benz new E Class is, by introducing to you the Mercedes E 220d, we will(…)

Mercedes-Benz are Hungary to Invest in More Factories

Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz’s parent company, has just announced plans to increase their already substantial investment in the Mercedes plant located in Central Hungary. Located 70 km from Budapest, the Kecskemét plant has been producing the luxury cars to its maximum potential, and now the recent investment is attempting to improve on this. The Kecskemét plant(…)

Mercedes Will Be Adding a T to the GL…

The Gl prefix in all of the Mercedes vehicles have signified that it is an SUV or larger. Now though, the German automotive giant have added a T for their new pick-up truck which will be unveiled to the general public towards the end of this year. The GLT was confirmed as a project in(…)