Daimler and the Mobility World

We can bet that you are getting pretty tired of consistently hearing about what the automotive world is really in to at the moment. Yes it’s all about electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles and mobility, but when news appears, we have to write about it. So the news is that Daimler has now acquired a new(…)

Mercedes 2018 A Class Spotted

When there is a release of a new vehicle, most of the motoring world gets extremely excited about the new possibilities, technologies and designs which will be on display. The level of excitement rises for different classes of manufacturers too; Ferrari is more exciting than Fiat, is it not? So when Mercedes release a vehicle(…)

Mercedes Teases the GT R Again

We recently mentioned that Mercedes-AMG is creating a new GT vehicle. They firstly created the GT, then the GT S, and now they have the GT R which is set for release at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in late June. In the previous article, we noted some of the spy shot photos and the(…)

The Return of the Smart Car

The Smart car company as owned by Daimler was once very popular, especially during the early noughties. We then saw it basically fade from existence until this year, when it suddenly made a huge come back. In fact, the Smart car has probably been the automotive world’s surprise of the year. So, it looks as(…)

Mercedes’ Batteries

Increasing the power and size of a battery is the biggest challenge faced by automotive companies today. Many consumers have range fear which means that EV’s will not be bought until that battery range is much better. Mercedes, with their new battery, may be one step closer to fitting bigger batteries in their vehicles. The(…)

Mercedes Fuel Cell Vehicle

The electric vehicle is the hottest part of the market right now as automotive companies battle each other for electric vehicle supremacy. Mercedes have promised that they will bring out four new all electric vehicles by 2020. Recently we mentioned that one of these vehicles will be ready in the foreseeable future but, it is(…)

Mercedes’ Electric War

Well because of the recent rise in the popularity of the electric car sky rocketing, a result has been the major automotive companies battling it out to become the leader in this ever growing market. We have seen the likes of Tesla grow rapidly, BMW rise and then stop their project (even after the i8)(…)

The Mercedes Wireless Charge

Electric vehicles are getting more and more high-tech as their popularity amongst the general population increases. Higher general demand, more stringent emissions laws and the fallout from Volkswagens emissions scandal have all contributed towards many automotive companies making huge advancements in their electric vehicles at a much faster pace than expected. Not so long ago(…)

Mercedes is Closer to the EV Launch

We reported a few months ago that Mercedes were planning to launch a completely new electric range of vehicles for 2020 in a bid to curb the heavy amount of pollution emitted from petrol and diesel vehicles. Mercedes are now one small step closer to completing the promise. Even though it is a small step,(…)

Mercedes Have a Class of Their Own

Mercedes are consistently upgrading their vehicles classes as a means to not only compete in a very competitive market, but to also strive to be the best automotive manufacturer possible. The idea of not having to compete in some cases can be seen more and more recently, well in certain aspects anyway. In certain categories,(…)