Mercedes at the Top of the Tree

Mercedes really are at the top of the tree at this moment after continuously good sales this year. Not only have they managed to top recent records, they seem to only be getting stronger. Although this certainly is bad news for both BMW and Audi, Mercedes really can’t complain, can they? But, just how well(…)

The Mercedes C Class

Whatever class of cars Mercedes release, we know that they will be extremely good vehicles. It is known that Mercedes is soon going to release an updated C Class as part of the mid season facelift. These vehicles will be extremely sought after but, the AMG vehicles with all of its upgrades will be even(…)

Van Recalls

Recalls can always be a bit worrying for both motoring companies and the consumers who buy them. Recently, Ford has had to issue multiple recalls in the United States and the Takata airbag recall has been dominating the headlines too. But very rarely, you may have a recall which is just a little bit ridiculous,(…)