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What Does the 2017 S Class Have to Offer?

The S Class has always been the flagship model for Mercedes-Benz. Now, the flagship range is about to enter into its next generation, and we expect it to be the best coupe available on the market. The last S Class that was available for purchase, the W222, is now around two years old and therefore,(…)

The Next Convertible Mercedes

The summer is upon us and what better way to celebrate it by buying a convertible, if you can afford it anyway. So before the summer begins, Mercedes have updated their SL500 in order to sell,  and sell well. So the 2016 facelift is an impressive facelift that’s for certain. The body has undergone a(…)

Mercedes to Help More People go Off Road

Mercedes’ G Class is rarely talked about when it is pitted up against the company’s luxury sports cars, coupes, hatchbacks and estate vehicles. We all know about the C Class, B Class and the S Class, so why now, when no one really knows too much about the G Class, are we talking about it?(…)

Mercedes and Their New Supercar…

There have been multiple rumours surrounding Mercedes’ new supercar. The GT already is an excellent vehicle with multiple accolades and admirers around the world. The GT has excellent technical statistics and the looks to compete too. So, what are Mercedes testing right now which looks very similar? Apparently adopting the name Mercedes-AMG GT-R, a new(…)

How Are Mercedes Going to Take on the Indian Market?

The Indian and Chinese markets are most possibly the two biggest automotive markets in the world right now. But, even in these markets there are markets too. This specific market is the crossover SUV which is now the most popular vehicle in the world right now. So, automotive manufacturing companies are channelling their sales towards(…)

Mercedes’ Pimped Out Van

Mercedes is known as one of the leading luxury automotive manufacturers. So, what happens when you mix one of the most luxurious car manufacturers with a company who also specialise in the same field but for interiors instead? Well you would only get the creation of the Mercedes JetVan wouldn’t you? What is the JetVan(…)

Mercedes’ Investment in Eco-Engines Growing

Mercedes recently stated that they were going to invest a huge sum of money into making their engines as eco friendly as possible. In February 2016, the German company stated that they would be investing $2.9 billion for a plan that would see every one of their vehicles fitted with a cleaner engine by 2019.(…)

Mercedes’ New Crossover Caught Again

We can’t tell you about the immense popularity of the crossover SUV. By adding a new body kit, adding extra ride height and bumping up the price, a global car revolution has occurred and all the major motoring company’s want to get involved. Mercedes are of course no different. But, they already have a few(…)

Mercedes Have Announced All New EV Range for 2020

With the industry now being dominated by the rise of the electric vehicle, Mercedes have decided to announce the launch of four new EV’s which will launch in 2020. This comes as Mercedes’ rivals have also released similar news with their EV’s released for similar dates. Mercedes have released the statement and have given away(…)

Daimler Has Set Aside Millions for Airbag Recalls

Following the Takata airbag recall, Daimler has set aside millions for the incoming recalls which they will soon have to face. The Takata recalls have affected tens of millions of vehicles worldwide whilst also injuring hundreds and causing many fatalities too. So the Takata airbag recall is a global problem. But for Daimler in the(…)