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Mercedes-Benz USA CEO ousted

Earlier last month Ernst Lieb was ousted as the CEO of the Mercedes-Benz USA group. He will remain with the company working in an unspecified role according to some sources. We reported yesterday that sales of Mercedes-Benz USA sector were thriving. The news of Ernst Lieb’s sent shockwaves throughout the automotive industry but certainly didn’t dampen the(…)

Mercedes-Benz reports remarkable October sales figures

Mercedes-Benz sales figures dramatically rose in America and Canada for last month. In what is considered a remarkable achievement, Mercedes-Benz is clearly progressing towards cracking what is considered two very tough markets. Canada saw 2,865 new vehicles delivered in October alone. This meant that Mercedes-Benz sales within the country saw an increase of 16% on(…)

The Mercedes M-Class scores maximum EURO NCAP ratings

The Mercedes-Benz M-Class has achieved the maximum for the EURO NCAP ratings. The car was revealed in spectacular fashion at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier in September. Its reputation is set to be further enhanced with it receiving 5 stars under the strenuous EURO NCAP tests. EURO NCAP is an independent body who provide the(…)

Carbon fibre production spreading at Mercedes-Benz

We could see a carbon fibre E-Class if rumours are to be believed. Mercedes-Benz is considering extending the current range of the E-Class and could develop an ultra lightweight variant. The weight of the car is estimated to be around 2,860 pounds, a huge decrease of 770 pounds from a normal E-Class. More power will(…)

@YourCommand: The new Mercedes-Benz iPhone-centric infotainment system

Mercedes-Benz is to introduce an iPhone-centric infotainment system. Not too many details have been released about the system but it sparked up a lot of interested. @yourCommand This follows the concept @your Command system from Mercedes-Benz. Commands are catered through voice commands and gestures. This cloud based system is being experimented on F125 concept cars(…)

Mercedes-Benz profit falls

Mercedes-Benz profit has fallen dramatically in the third quarter of the year to €1.36 billion. Company earnings have fallen 15% to €1.11 billion before interest and taxes were taken into account. Investment in Renault has taken a huge dip and Karmaz, the Russian truckmaker has not represented a good performance for the German luxury auto(…)

Mercedes-Benz using a six-straight engine

A straight six Mercedes-Benz engine could be reintroduced by the company in the near future. The news comes after BMW considering a V-6 engine in the new M3. Is this a way the company keeping up with their bitter rivals? If a straight six engine was to be released by the company, it would be(…)

Mercedes-Benz recall in America

There has recently been a recall of 6,872 clean diesel of Mercedes-Benz’s in the USA.  The Mercedes-Benz recall was triggered after a fault within the car’s fuel system. Just when petrol prices around the world are increasing, the last thing motorists need is it leaking away from their cars. Fuel Filter fault The fuel filter(…)

Mercedes-Benz just behind Toyota as the world’s leading car brand

According to Interbrand, Mercedes-Benz is second to Toyota in being the world’s leading car brand. In what respect did Mercedes-Benz come up just behind Toyota as the world’s best car brand? Interbrand judged brand’s in their purchasing decisions and their ability to make become more profitable. Afterwards a list of 100 brands was produced, all(…)

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Cabriolet

Details of the upcoming Mercedes A-Class Cabriolet have been revealed. The models come as something of a surprise, as no one expected a Cabriolet version of a car within that particular class. The car said to take inspiration from the BMW 1 Series Cabriolet, which it is set to directly rival.  The Audi A3 Cabriolet(…)