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Daimler executives will lead by example with electric and hybrid cars

Whether they want to or not, Mercedes and Daimler bosses will be forced to do the electric slide. Daimler, parent company of Mercedes Benz, announced in a press release this week that all the top executives in their company will soon be expected to drive a plug-in hybrid or full electric car as a way(…)

EPA request information from Mercedes over emission lawsuit

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the car… The Emissions Scandal II: The Emissions Strike Back. A spokesperson for Daimler said on Sunday the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had requested information from its luxury car brand Mercedes Benz to explain emissions levels in some of its cars. The(…)

Mercedes armours up for bulletproof civilian car

“Are you a particularly disliked individual? Do you have powerful enemies? Or do you live in a particularly rough area? Then we have the car for you!” – how we imagine Mercedes to advertise this new bulletproof car. Mercedes unveiled their Maybach S600 Guard model, which has been certified the first fitted with the highest(…)

Mercedes reduce robot presence on assembly lines

A rare victory for mankind in the eternal Man V Machine war. Mercedes Benz have switched their focus to vehicle customisation in a bid to woo modern consumers, and with this has come the realisation that the flexibility and dexterity of human workers is essential to keeping up with demand and standards. Mercedes Benz offer(…)

Mercedes unveil new Formula 1 car

Mercedes finally revealed their newest race car, the W07 hybrid, which they hope will run laps around competitors. Teased only in spy shots until now, Mercedes unveiled their newest car that they hope will see Lewis Hamilton race to victory. With the W07 hybrid Mercedes are hoping for a third consecutive title double and Lewis(…)

Mercedes Benz Clean Diesel accused of being dirty

There was a time in our lives where we never uttered the phrase ‘emissions scandal’ now we’re lucky if we go a day without writing about it. Just as Volkswagen quietens down, Mercedes pipes up. In a federal lawsuit filed in the United States, allegations have been made that the Mercedes-Benz ‘clean diesel’ models used(…)

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

Mercedes-Benz is set to release the all new GLC Coupe to replace the older GLK model, but Mercedes have said that the GLC one of a seven strong SUV range that they aim to produce. With the aim to rival the Audi Q5 and BMW X3, although Mercedes has not officially announced if the concept(…)

Mercedes S63 AMG all yours for a cost of £119,565

The new Mercedes S63 AMG will cost £119,565. It will be released this winter with it arriving in showrooms in November.  According to Mercedes themselves, the car will set new standards in ‘set new standards in driving dynamics, performance, refinement and technology’. Is it really that good? The engine will be a 5.5 litre V8(…)

Mercedes CLA 45 AMG

The Mercedes CLA 45 AMG has caused a bit of a stir in the automotive market, given that it is an AMG with a 2.0 litre engine. Nevertheless it looks like being quite a magnificent car. The engine will be turbocharged and will come with four cylinders, together with being a four wheel drive. Mercedes(…)

Lewis Hamilton’s new journey at Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton is in full swing with his new F1 team. He has had quite a successful start with Mercedes, finishing 5th Australia and 3rd in Malaysia last week. He made a humorous mistake in Malaysia by stopping in the McLaren pit stop rather than Mercedes. This made headlines around the world for all the(…)