Mercedes-Benz B Class

Mercedes-Benz has announced a plan to release a newer version of the B Class. A new car wouldn’t be released without a host of improvements, Mercedes-Benz will introduce better technology giving the car better efficiency and driving experience.

Newly implemented features will be better sophisticated safety equipment, more efficient gearboxes along with advanced mechanical engineering.

Dr. Thomas Weber, who is the Head of Development for Mercedes-Benz released a statement. He describes the B Class as the most improved car Mercedes-Benz has ever released, “No model change in the history of Mercedes-Benz has ever seen so many new developments introduced in one fell swoop.”

From the exterior, it is plain to see that the design has been changed not only to improve the looks but the aerodynamic capabilities of the car too.  The exact figures of how its fuel efficiency and environmental benefits will improve haven’t yet been officially released by Mercedes-Benz. It is also lower (reports of up to 5cm) and slightly wider than its predecessor.

The interior will contain a lot more space Mercedes-Benz have confirmed. Headroom and legroom will be a lot roomier.  Different options on different models will be available to suit the sportier or the traditional drivers.

Technology to help parking, view blind spots, reverse camera display, hill hold assistance plus more helpful features will be included.

Both petrol and diesel ranges will be turbocharged, making the car quite a sporty version of a multipurpose vehicle. The petrol version will contain a four cylinder engine . Brand new dual clutch transmissions will also made available.

As mentioned before, the B Class will have better safety features, named the PRE-SAFE system. This system ensures that the windows and sunroof closes when the car is out of control e.g skidding. Seat belts will also be adjusted to safer positioning.

Different variants of the car will include

  • B180 – Being able to produce 122bhp
  • B180 CDI – Being able to produce 109bhp
  • B200 – Being able to produce 156bhp
  • B200 CDI – Being able to produce 136bhp

The car is set to be shown off at the Frankfurt motor show next month.  The car could be available in March 2012 with the price of vehicle still unknown.


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