The all new Mercedes-Benz B-Class review

The all new Mercedes-Benz B-Class looks like it could be a real hit this year. It is already been reviewed by many automotive experts who have praised its qualities. This is the very first time that the Mercedes-Benz B-Class has been released here in the UK.

Similar to a Golf

It has already been dubbed by Mercedes-Benz as a ‘Compact Sports Tourer’. Don’t let that complex title confuse you. In essence it is a five door hatchback similar to the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus. The B-Class may have the edge over the more premium type of customers thanks to the badge in which it carries.

Engine choices

The Mercedes-Benz B-Class has a great list of four engine choices. These equally comprise of two petrol and two diesels. The starting price of the car will start from £21,000. The diesel range will start from £22,060.


Before it is released, it must be mentioned that the car is fairly noisy to drive. Many experts have claimed that it is not your typical comfortable and drive that you would expect from a brand like Mercedes-Benz. The diesel engine creates a loud noise as expected from lesser vehicles. When driving along the car suffers from plenty of road and wind noise when travelling at a higher speed. Driving down on the motorway will not prove very pleasurable.

Poor drive

The actual drive of the car has not been taken too very well. The ride doesn’t prove to be a very sturdy and comfortable drive. Passengers may shove and clash at certain times.

Unpredictably the driver controls are not as advanced or upgraded as what you may expect from a Mercedes-Benz.

The steering may prove to be poorly weighted at times, leaving the “fun to drive” attribute not so high either. The pedals are light. There is no even weight to them leaving the car quite a boring one to drive along. It is also difficult to pick up a smooth sensation to the ride.

High economy

Economy levels are quite high. You’ll get an average of 64 MPG which is a wonderful figure especially considering the current climate.

Great space

The space and practicality is quite impressive. All passengers will find space with a great amount of head and leg room. Even the tallest of people will sit in comfort. Typically just four people will be able to sit.


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