Mercedes Benz electric Smart car on trial in the UK

Electric versions of the Mercedes  Smart car are currently on trial in the UK as the company look to discover test results from real life everyday use.

The Smart Car in question will contain an electric motor which is able to produce 40 BHP. The car will work with a 16kWh 326 lb lithium ion battery.

Going nowhere fast

The car’s performance is not too bad either. It will be able to reach 0 – 38 MPH in just 6.5 seconds. That is quite a speedy start. We know that this is not the performance of a sports car but if you purchase a Smart Car, you go for a vehicle that sacrifices the performance to be economical. After that 40 MPH target, the car will not move anywhere further fast.

Struggles during some everyday driving conditions

A couple, named the Smyth’s who have been selected as official testers. Mike Smyth said that he was not satisfied with speed as the car struggles on motorways and dual carriage ways alike. Going uphill and downhill also proves to be too much of challenge according to Mr Smyth.

This is exactly the sort of tests that Mercedes-Benz will look at and use to improve the vehicle ahead of its final release in years to come. With the car proving to be difficult during normal driving conditions, Mercedes-Benz does have a lot of work to do in order to improve their Smart electric car.

Charge time, top speed and range

The test programme trial is being run by Mercedes-Benz, EDF Energy and Oxford Brookes University. Oxford Brookes University are being funded by the Government’s Technology Strategy Board. Mercedes-Benz electric car Chief Engineer, Jurgen Schenk has said according to customer needs, their main aim is “Charge time, top speed and range.”

Maximum range needs improving

The car’s maximum mile range is 84 miles until the next charge is due. This will prove a problem eventually to most customers. Mr Schenk has said that the company’s intentions are to make the Smart Car’s range extend to beyond 186 miles. This is currently not proving a problem for the testers as they have use of another vehicle.

Some benefits of the everyday drive

However the Smyths have said that the Smart car’s attributes are so good that it has now overtaken their Saab and Rover. Mr Smyth said that short journeys are more worthwhile in the Smart Car and also mentioned how “fun” the car is to drive along with how easy it is to park.



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