B Class New Version

Mercedes Benz electric Smart car on trial in the UK

Electric versions of the Mercedes  Smart car are currently on trial in the UK as the company look to discover test results from real life everyday use. The Smart Car in question will contain an electric motor which is able to produce 40 BHP. The car will work with a 16kWh 326 lb lithium ion(…)

The all new Mercedes-Benz B-Class review

The all new Mercedes-Benz B-Class looks like it could be a real hit this year. It is already been reviewed by many automotive experts who have praised its qualities. This is the very first time that the Mercedes-Benz B-Class has been released here in the UK. Similar to a Golf It has already been dubbed(…)

Mercedes-Benz B Class

Mercedes-Benz has announced a plan to release a newer version of the B Class. A new car wouldn’t be released without a host of improvements, Mercedes-Benz will introduce better technology giving the car better efficiency and driving experience. Newly implemented features will be better sophisticated safety equipment, more efficient gearboxes along with advanced mechanical engineering.(…)