Concept Cars

Mercedes is Closer to the EV Launch

We reported a few months ago that Mercedes were planning to launch a completely new electric range of vehicles for 2020 in a bid to curb the heavy amount of pollution emitted from petrol and diesel vehicles. Mercedes are now one small step closer to completing the promise. Even though it is a small step,(…)

Next generation Smart Fortwo spotted

The new generation Smart Fortwo has spied upon in Europe. The automotive press have speculated about what is in store for the vehicle in future. From the spy shots, Renaults influence upon the car is quite clear to see. Elements of the Twingo are evidently seen upon the bodywork of the car. Renault and Daimler(…)

A dock for your Smart Car

Smart car, who are owned by Mercedes-Benz, may have a new Dock+Go feature developed by Rinspeed. It is a type of backpack for your car. One problem with driving around the city and towns is the tight spaces. That’s why many opt for the small stylish Smart car. However this can prove to be a(…)

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Concept

Although news of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class concept came about in April, we haven’t had a chance to discuss it, until now. We believe it’s a worthwhile article to share, simply because the concept images look absolutely stunning. Great looks From what we can see when looking at the images shown so far, the car has(…)

Mercedes-Benz B Class Electric

We recently wrote a review on the Mercedes-Benz B Class describing our favourite features .News has emerged today that there could be an electric version of the car. It will be called the Concept B-Class E-Cell Plus. Mercedes-Benz released the concept at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. The concept car isn’t just for show, production(…)

The future here today by Mercedes-Benz

A “dream car” has been unveiled by Mercedes-Benz this week in form of the F125. It’s a concept car that will be used as the company’s method of projecting what a car will look like in 2025. The F125 shown by Mercedes-Benz will run on hybrid and hydrogen. A futuristic technology that is not available(…)