Daimler and the Mobility World

We can bet that you are getting pretty tired of consistently hearing about what the automotive world is really in to at the moment. Yes it’s all about electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles and mobility, but when news appears, we have to write about it. So the news is that Daimler has now acquired a new(…)

The Return of the Smart Car

The Smart car company as owned by Daimler was once very popular, especially during the early noughties. We then saw it basically fade from existence until this year, when it suddenly made a huge come back. In fact, the Smart car has probably been the automotive world’s surprise of the year. So, it looks as(…)

Daimler trucks reach India for the first time

Daimler commercial trucks are some of the most successful selling vehicles in the world. For the first time, Daimler trucks have reached India. Bharat Benz is now set to compete with the likes of Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland. Following the emergence of India within the automotive market, Daimler has decided to take advantage of(…)

Why AMG are so special to Mercedes-Benz – part 1

You may have noticed at AMG models are the special type of Mercedes-Benz’s, with greater appeal in terms of performance, looks amongst a number of different aspects. They are Mercedes-Benz’s high performance vehicles, mirroring BMW’s M vehicles. What is so special about the brand? For a start all engines are handmade, ensuring that they are built(…)

Daimler’s 2014 truck to be 7% more efficient

Emerging reports from the North American automotive industry have confirmed that Daimler’s 2014 Trucks will be 7 per cent more fuel efficient than the current model. The engine used to power the 2014 Freightliner Cascadia Evolution will be built in Detroit. Martin Daum, the President and CEO of Daimler Trucks said that the company’s success(…)

Employees from Daimler AG set to walkout

Emerging reports from the German automotive industry have confirmed that more Daimler employees based in Germany could be set to walkout. Employees working ThyssenKrupp AG as well as Volkswagen AG are amongst those considering taking the same action. 36,000 workers associated with Metall Labor union are unhappy at current payment structure and terms. Daimler employees(…)

Daimler investing $1 billion with Beiqi in China

Daimler will invest $1 billion with Chinese partner Beiqi Foton Motor Co in a truck venture in China. Appropriate business license granted Both have recently received a required business license from the Chinese Government. Each company will have 50 per cent of the business. Annual capacity set to increase for Beiqi Beiqi’s Foton factory will(…)

Daimler to release the first truck made in India

Daimler is to release their first ever truck Made in India. Daimler said that they are to release approximately 18 products under the BharatBenz division in the third quarter of this year. Sources report that 100 dealerships have been secured in India to join the exciting new truck project. BharatBenz is the brand in which(…)