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2016 Paris Motor Show: Mercedes trolls rest of motoring world

In the run up to the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Mercedes-AMG has shown its mischievous side by cheekily trolling its fans and motoring media alike, by releasing teaser images of a toy. In the photos posted on the company’s Instagram site, the German car maker has partially revealed what initially appears to be the rear(…)

Hamilton and Rosberg pushing each other to ‘new heights’

Toto Wolff, team boss at Mercedes, believes his two drivers are pushing each other to “new heights” as they fight out a two horse race for the driver’s championship. Just eight points now separates Hamilton and Rosberg for the 2016 title, with six Grand Prix remaining. The two have shared the spoils – with either(…)

Ten facts you probably didn’t know about Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes- Benz is a car-maker steeped in rich history. Their cars have been fixtures on our roads for over seventy years, as familiar to our eyes as a Royal Mail post box, or congestion on the M25. Most of us could spot the familiar characteristics of a Mercedes from just its silhouette, but how much(…)

AMG GT Roadster unveiled by Mercedes

Mercedes has revealed that their new AMG GT Roadster will be making its debut at the forthcoming Paris Motor Show. There are two versions of the Coupe: the AMG GT Roadster, and the GT C Roadster. This takes the total AMG GT stable up to five vehicles. Both variants boast more power than the AMG(…)

Mercedes reveal all-terrain E-Class estate

In some ways, the only surprise is that it’s taken this long. In the late 90’s Mercedes was leading the new SUV wave with the M-Class. Since then, Audi Allroads and Volvo Cross Countrys have taken control of the 4×4 estate market. That is about to change… Pictured above is the new E-Class Estate All-Terrain.(…)

Mercedes concept coupe fully revealed

We were teased with some darkly lit sneak previews a month or so ago, but the latest concept coupe offering from Mercedes-Benz – the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 has been properly revealed at Pebble Beach, California. Described as the “ultimate in luxury”, Mercedes says the 2+2 “pays homage to the glorious age of the aero coupes(…)

New Mercedes tells you where there’s a free parking space

As of next year, Mercedes drivers will be able to help each other locate parking spaces with a new piece of technology set to be integrated into their vehicles. A pilot project is being worked on by parts supplier Robert Bosch GmbH and Daimler AG (Mercedes parent company) that will notify drivers of vacant car(…)

Mercedes set to integrate office software with Microsoft

Now there’s literally no escape from the office, not if you drive a Mercedes that is. A revolutionary new project titled ‘In Car Office’ sees the German automaker adding both Microsoft Exchange support and integrations with your work calendar into your car. Mercedes aren’t necessarily suggesting that you work from your car but the new(…)

Mercedes 2018 A Class Spotted

When there is a release of a new vehicle, most of the motoring world gets extremely excited about the new possibilities, technologies and designs which will be on display. The level of excitement rises for different classes of manufacturers too; Ferrari is more exciting than Fiat, is it not? So when Mercedes release a vehicle(…)

Mercedes Teases the GT R Again

We recently mentioned that Mercedes-AMG is creating a new GT vehicle. They firstly created the GT, then the GT S, and now they have the GT R which is set for release at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in late June. In the previous article, we noted some of the spy shot photos and the(…)