Mercedes Technology

Mercedes’ Batteries

Increasing the power and size of a battery is the biggest challenge faced by automotive companies today. Many consumers have range fear which means that EV’s will not be bought until that battery range is much better. Mercedes, with their new battery, may be one step closer to fitting bigger batteries in their vehicles. The(…)

Mercedes Fuel Cell Vehicle

The electric vehicle is the hottest part of the market right now as automotive companies battle each other for electric vehicle supremacy. Mercedes have promised that they will bring out four new all electric vehicles by 2020. Recently we mentioned that one of these vehicles will be ready in the foreseeable future but, it is(…)

Mercedes’ Electric War

Well because of the recent rise in the popularity of the electric car sky rocketing, a result has been the major automotive companies battling it out to become the leader in this ever growing market. We have seen the likes of Tesla grow rapidly, BMW rise and then stop their project (even after the i8)(…)

The Mercedes Wireless Charge

Electric vehicles are getting more and more high-tech as their popularity amongst the general population increases. Higher general demand, more stringent emissions laws and the fallout from Volkswagens emissions scandal have all contributed towards many automotive companies making huge advancements in their electric vehicles at a much faster pace than expected. Not so long ago(…)

Daimler executives will lead by example with electric and hybrid cars

Whether they want to or not, Mercedes and Daimler bosses will be forced to do the electric slide. Daimler, parent company of Mercedes Benz, announced in a press release this week that all the top executives in their company will soon be expected to drive a plug-in hybrid or full electric car as a way(…)

Mercedes 2016 E-Class ‘industry first’ interior revealed

Mercedes continue their drive to premium victory with an ‘industry first’. Back in October, we covered the spy video of the new Mercedes E-Class. The video showed the cars with almost no camouflage on the exterior and it was our first proper look at the future model’s new look. Now, Mercedes themselves have revealed the(…)

F1: Mercedes to power Manor in 2016 engine deal

Formula 1’s back-marker team Manor has struggled since it first appeared in 2010. News broke last week that Manor has secured a deal with Mercedes to race with their engine, arguably F1’s strongest power unit, from the 2016 season. With this new partnership, Manor hopes to break its current disappearing-to-the-back-of-the-grid status next season. The British(…)

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet

The new Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet was caught under testing guise in early November. The new redesigned S-Class cabriolet will be launching in 2014, a year after the standard saloon is to be released. Pictures of the vehicle have been brandished about the internet, developing a great deal of interest. There has been speculation that a(…)