Mercedes are now selling classic cars direct through museum

Mercedes-Benz has just made the dreams of classic car collectors and restoration hobbyists come true (although your dreams will require large pockets). The new program named All Time Stars allows people to purchase classic cars from Mercedes-Benz’s Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Buying through the official company program, buyers can rest easy knowing they are getting(…)

The mysterious Vision Tokyo concept… curious yet?

Ever tried to create mystery in less than 140 characters? Take a tip from Mercedes…                           “The Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo. Autonomous, luxurious                                   and progressive. A vision(…)

Revealed: spy-video of the 2016 Mercedes E-Class

Introducing the new 2016 E-Class model, the seventh generation and most technologically advanced in its class. The E-Class has been the most successful Mercedes range, with 13 million sales worldwide. We’re betting the newest addition (2017 model year) will only further that top-selling status. Mercedes haven’t released official photographs yet, but a keen-eyed amateur car(…)

New Mercedes-AMG C 63 available now

The original generation C 63 was an undoubted winner for Mercedes-AMG. Produced between 2007 and 2009, the car sold over 40,000 units. One of the biggest selling points for the older C 63 was its 6.2-litre engine and the way it sounded when a driver got behind the wheel. The new 2015 AMG C 63(…)

New Mercedes C-Class Coupé prices revealed

The Mercedes C-Class range gains a newly updated addition just in time for Christmas. With the saloon and estate versions already available, the new C-Class Coupé is ready to pre-order now and will be in showrooms this December. Prices begin at £30,995 and buyers have a selection of six engine options. They will choose between(…)

F1: Mercedes to power Manor in 2016 engine deal

Formula 1’s back-marker team Manor has struggled since it first appeared in 2010. News broke last week that Manor has secured a deal with Mercedes to race with their engine, arguably F1’s strongest power unit, from the 2016 season. With this new partnership, Manor hopes to break its current disappearing-to-the-back-of-the-grid status next season. The British(…)

Take a cinema with you everywhere you go

A concept Smart Car is all set to have a cinema built into it. Even a full size Tesco delivery truck would seemingly be too small for such an idea, so will a Smart Car pull it off? In America, you may remember many films with drive in cinema’s, where you can watch a film(…)

Mercedes-Benz to assemble SUV’s in Asia

Mercedes-Benz has started the process of sending SUV kits over to the Asian region. Their aim is to assemble SUV’s in Asian countries, rather than doing so in Europe and then exporting the vehicles. This would effectively make business cheaper and essentially lower the cost of vehicles in Asia. A recent statement released from Mercedes-Benz(…)

Mercedes-Benz upping the ante in Hungary

Mercedes-Benz is upping the ante in Hungary despite the Euro Zone crisis, which is apparently slowing down the car industry. It would appear that luxury car manufacturers are defying the current market patterns of a decline in the purchase of new cars. The Mercedes-Benz plant in Hungary, which is one of the most modern and(…)

Mercedes-Benz aims to attract younger customers

The company have set a target of 2020 to regain the title of what they believe is rightfully theirs. The company want to be number one in every car segment in which they are involved in. The new A-Class The brand new generation A-Class is expected to be one of those vehicles which lure the(…)