The Mercedes-Benz M-Class at the Indian Auto Expo

The classy new Mercedes-Benz M-Class was recently shown off at the Indian Auto Expo. We have already reviewed the vehicle on the 6th of September in this blog describing just how brilliant it is. More recently we published an article on the 1st of November describing how the car achieved the maximum 5 star Euro(…)

Mercedes-Benz America smashes their sales record

Mercedes-Benz America sold a total of 264,460 cars this year. This topped any other year in terms of sales for the company, representing a magnificent achievement for the company. A great December In comparison to 2010, sales increased by 17.5 % when 225,007 cars were sold. The month of December was a pivotal month in(…)

Mercedes-Benz India grows by 30%

Mercedes-Benz India has registered a tremendous growth of 30 per cent in 2011. In what is a great piece of news for the company, they are steadily helping the luxury car market break through into the Indian market. 7,430 sold Altogether 7,430 cars were sold between January and December of last year. This eclipses the(…)

Mercedes-Benz modernising factory IT systems

Mercedes-Benz are modernising their IT systems within their factories to increase efficiency, according to reports. Essential upgrade The upgrade process in question involves the consolidation of production and logistics systems. According to some sources, the move is to keep the company competitive within the car market. It is also an essential upgrade for the type(…)

The Mercedes C250 CDI Coupe Review

Today we take a look at the marvellous Mercedes-Benz C250 CDI Coupe. It’s considered the company’s main weapon to rival BMW’s ever popular 3 Series coupe and Audi’s superb A5 coupe. As you can imagine the car certainly has a lot to live up to in that respect. Not exactly a 2.5 litre car Surprisingly(…)

Mercedes-Benz offers discounts in China

Mercedes-Benz is the leading car manufacturer to offer discounts in China. The move comes after a slight slowdown within the world’s largest automotive market. Along with their German counterparts BMW, Mercedes-Benz are determined not to suffer from a current rough patch for property and stock markets in China, which have in effect slowed down the(…)

Don’t forget about Mercedes-Benz at the Indian Auto Expo

We have talked about Ford, Audi and BMW and their plans for the Indian Auto Expo but we haven’t yet mentioned Mercedes-Benz India. Just in case anyone forgot about them, they will firmly place at the front of your minds with their plans for the Delhi motor show scheduled for next month. New designs and(…)

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog review

The Mercedes-Benz what? We know that most of you will be asking that question. Although it’s not a well known vehicle to typical motorists, it is actually one the leading vehicles in its class. The reason why you probably have never heard of it is because the Mercedes-Benz Unimog is not a typical road vehicle.(…)

The Mercedes-Benz SL leaked

The Mercedes-Benz SL has been leaked. This has sparked automotive journalists and fans on car forums on the internet to comment on great the car looks. We can’t disagree. Attractive design Although a simple sketch was released, it has given away a lot on what the car may look like. The SL appears to look(…)

Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 BlueEfficiency

The new Mercedes-Benz CLS BlueEfficiency has been reviewed across many experts in America and has received some fantastic praise. That may not come as a surprise considering that it is a Mercedes-Benz after all and the fact that it is said to command a huge price tag of $159,000. 3.5 litre The car contains a(…)