A dock for your Smart Car

Smart car, who are owned by Mercedes-Benz, may have a new Dock+Go feature developed by Rinspeed. It is a type of backpack for your car.

One problem with driving around the city and towns is the tight spaces. That’s why many opt for the small stylish Smart car. However this can prove to be a nightmare at times due to the lack of storage space. Many can’t even fit essentials alongside them due to the minimal space that is provided. Well Rinspeed hope to put an end to that. One problem with the Smart Fortwo is that once two adults are sitting inside; there usually isn’t any more space for other items. Rinspeed’s new creation is quite handy in that sense. Now you can store your shopping, gym bag or other items.

More storage

This is certainly a unique type of addition compared to a spoiler. The Dock+Go feature add more storage space to your car, allowing you to carry more. It may also act a wonderful vehicle for delivery companies. It is not often that you can find a vehicle that is agile and wonderful to drive around town whilst containing a great amount of storage. This will could improve delivery times and efficiency. Pizza delivery companies as well as other fast food companies would certainly take note.

Long distances safe

It does look slightly awkard, with two extra wheels upon Rinspeed’s new creation. According to Rinspeed, it is stable enough to travel long distances in a steady manner.

Frank M Rinderknecht

The conceptual idea was developed by Frank M Rinderknecht. It was developed just for demonstration purposes.

There will also be a new 12.1 inch dash monitor which utilises a Harman infotainment system, a smart phone storage space and is intelligently controlled through gestures.

No production date set

It must be noted that it has not been confirmed that the Dock+Go will be produced and released. It probably isn’t on top of all Smart Car fortwo owner’s agenda. There wouldn’t be enough demand for it. Zurich Versicherung, a Swiss insurance giant has taken a huge interest in the Dock+Go system it has been reported. The clever concept has caught the attention of the Swiss insurance company who have wanted to help fund the production of the “backpack” for Smart cars.

Would you purchase one? Would many people need a Rinspeed Dock+Go feature?


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