Mercedes-Benz B Class Electric

We recently wrote a review on the Mercedes-Benz B Class describing our favourite features .News has emerged today that there could be an electric version of the car. It will be called the Concept B-Class E-Cell Plus.

Mercedes-Benz released the concept at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. The concept car isn’t just for show, production has already been anticipated for 2014. The price of the vehicle is unknown, as everything is still at its very early stages.  Everything appears to be near enough identical in terms of the layout and dimensions compared to the latest B-Class. However the side profile of the car makes it look more powerful than it actually is, with sporty alloys and an overall great look.

The powertrain has been changed, as you may have guessed already. The fuel powertrain has been altered to suit an electric powertrain to work alongside it, which is able to generate a maximum of 136 BHP. The Mercedes-Benz B-Class E-Cell is a 1.0 litre engine that is also turbocharged. There is also a lithium-ion battery that is able to recharge.

The car will be able to achieve a respectable 0-62mph rating of just 11 seconds, with its top speed being just below 100mph. The car will emit just 32g/km along, making it one of the greenest cars available. It has been said that the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class will be able to travel up to 600km at once.  Keep in mind that the electric power will only get you so far, with the car not being able to drive over 60 miles on just electricity.

The car adapts to future habits and demand. Environmental benefits of cars are now a must with plenty of emissions currently damaging it along with fuel bills that are pricing drivers off the road. It’s a vital step in helping Mercedes-Benz conquer the small car market, as buyers will tend to purchase something that’s eco-friendly and cheap to run.

As the car is due to be produced within three years, there could be changes to the current concept which has been released at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Will the new electric Mercedes-Benz B-Class be worth the hype when it is released? Only time will tell.


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