The future here today by Mercedes-Benz

A “dream car” has been unveiled by Mercedes-Benz this week in form of the F125. It’s a concept car that will be used as the company’s method of projecting what a car will look like in 2025.

The F125 shown by Mercedes-Benz will run on hybrid and hydrogen. A futuristic technology that is not available yet and won’t be for a long time, it’s a real way of looking forward by the German giants. Hydrogen will be stored within a tank that which is installed in the car. These advancements by Mercedes-Benz are a huge step in bringing in the technology sooner. By the time it is made available, the technology is expected to be widely available for feasible use within cars.

Dynamics to actually run the car is designed and executed in a very clever way. The concept car is designed to never run out of power with it containing plenty of reserves to keep it going. Once one power outlet runs out, the other one kick in to ensure the drive will last.  The hydrogen fuel cell alongside a plug in battery will allows the vehicle to travel over 621 miles and will output a total of 308bhp.

Nevertheless the car looks extraordinary. The futuristic design has curved edges with huge alloys that really blend into the F125 beautifully. Access to the car will be very easy, with the doors opening towards the sky in quite a spectacular way.

Cloud services are the way forward in technology circles. They will be implemented within vehicles in order to store driver’s personal preferences in the car. This way the driver can also connect to their favourite social media websites as well as getting the most out of plenty of other useful features within the car.

Mercedes-Benz certainly has one of the best Research and Development sectors in the world. It’s one of the reasons why they are one of the best and most reputable car manufactures. But there are still a lot of questions. Who knows what cars will look like in the future or even how they might work?

Will this car actually be made? Is the F125 concept car an accurate picture of the future?

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