Daimler’s 2014 truck to be 7% more efficient

Emerging reports from the North American automotive industry have confirmed that Daimler’s 2014 Trucks will be 7 per cent more fuel efficient than the current model. The engine used to power the 2014 Freightliner Cascadia Evolution will be built in Detroit.

Martin Daum, the President and CEO of Daimler Trucks said that the company’s success in North America will be down to the fuel efficiency of the vehicles. The American Government has put the pressure on all truck and car developers to improve the efficiency of their vehicles.  Mr Daum has stated the company’s intentions to work closely with the Government in order to hit their targets. Daimler understands the benefits of reducing the emissions and improving the environment, even if it does mean higher costs.

The cost of researching and developing the technology to improve the efficiency of the trucks and vehicles has been quite expensive. This has naturally raised the price of heavy duty trucks.

When the 2014 Cascadia Evolution was tested around an independent track, it managed to achieve 10.67 MPG when installed with extra aerodynamic enhancements.

Wilfried Achenbach, the Senior Vice President of engineering for Daimler Trucks North America said “With the Cascadia Evolution, we achieved substantial fuel savings, which benefits our customers and strategically aligns with our global initiative to reduce fuel consumption through product innovation.”

Daimler is working together with other organisations in order to improve the economy ratings of their heavy duty trucks. They are participating in a five year plan named the “Super Truck” research program which will cost $40 million and will be sponsored by the United States Energy Department.

Big trucks will have to cut emissions by 20 per cent. Petrol powered heavy duty pickup trucks and vans will be required to cut emissions by 20 per cent eventually. Diesel powered heavy duty pickup trucks and vans will be required to lose up to 15 per cent of emission values eventually. Buses, motor homes and rubbish trucks must cut emissions eventually by 10 per cent. These rules were discussed last year and will take effect by 2014. Full impact of the rules is expected by 2018. According to the American Government, this will kill off 250 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, saving 500 million barrels of oil within the first five years of the program.

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