Daimler and the Mobility World

Daimler-and-the-Mobility-WorldWe can bet that you are getting pretty tired of consistently hearing about what the automotive world is really in to at the moment. Yes it’s all about electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles and mobility, but when news appears, we have to write about it. So the news is that Daimler has now acquired a new mobility company which has the potential to really alter the industry.

Daimler did not just simply acquire a big mobility tech company from the start. Instead, the father of the car went and fashioned a merger between two different mobility companies. Firstly, GlobeSherpa, the mobile ticket service was acquired by Daimler before the move for RideScout, the route planning service provider was executed. The combination of these two companies was the creation of Moovel. The merger has ultimately ended in the creation of a company which utilises the very heartbeat of a city rather than Uber, Gett and Lyft who rely solely on the transportation of passengers via a car.


The now CEO of Moovel Nat Parker said that ‘Daimler is positioning itself at the vanguard of this new (mobility) movement… it is by no means silent, but behind the scenes, moving the chess pieces.’ Parker went on to say that Moovle is in essence ‘two exceptional teams in two of the most progressive locations working on complementary functions and use cases for connected transportation… by combining the talents and teams, we could create one connected experience,’ the result of this is therefore Moovle North America.

The company currently employs 108 people and this number is expected to grow rapidly. When Daimler is able to utilise the likes of car2go and their other ride hailing and sharing subsidiaries, we can imagine that Moovle will certainly be one of the best mobility companies.

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