Daimler trucks reach India for the first time

Daimler commercial trucks are some of the most successful selling vehicles in the world. For the first time, Daimler trucks have reached India.

Bharat Benz is now set to compete with the likes of Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland. Following the emergence of India within the automotive market, Daimler has decided to take advantage of what is a potentially very profitable market.

Daimler is the most successful truck makers in the world at present. Their first trucks to be launched in India were the 2523R and the 3123R. They hope to replicate their worldwide success in a country that is extremely difficult to compete in. Fuel efficiency is an important issue for any motorist. Bharat Benz has stated that their trucks offer better fuel efficiency. They also claim that their trucks also offer the lowest cost of ownership compared to rivals.

There are set to be 14 more models released onto the Indian market over the next 17 months, a huge amount of new trucks. Customers will not have trouble finding them too, with 28 dealers over 108 locations. Daimler hopes to gain an advantage in India by offering a better sales service.

The trucks will be mainly locally developed, helping to save on costs. Suppliers have been sent abroad who are involved in making new parts to raise quality standards. The Chennai plant is set to roll some new trucks off the production line very soon it has been confirmed.

Daimler have also setup their own financial services company to help finance any purchases. They have secured deals with a number of Indian banks.

The trucks have been made with Indian local roads in mind. They will be adjusted to deal with the countries conditions and environment.

Will all of that make a difference when competing with the likes of Tata Motors? They are selling 60 per cent of all trucks sold in the country, a huge segment of the market. Ashok Leyland has 20 per cent of that segment. Volvo has joined forces with Eicher to enter the truck market too.

Daimler India is entering the market at exactly the right time and in the right way. Customers will welcome an alternative to Tata with a supposed better sales service and more fuel efficient vehicles. Expect Tata Motors to react.

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