Employees from Daimler AG set to walkout

Emerging reports from the German automotive industry have confirmed that more Daimler employees based in Germany could be set to walkout. Employees working ThyssenKrupp AG as well as Volkswagen AG are amongst those considering taking the same action. 36,000 workers associated with Metall Labor union are unhappy at current payment structure and terms.

Daimler employees walking out

So far more 100 + businesses have threatened with the same action. Already 800 employees based at Daimler’s Sprinter Van plant based in Dusseldorf went on strike along with employees at the company’s plant based in Rastatt.

Porsche and Volkswagen

Further strike action at Porsche AG and Volkswagen have also been planned. 12,000 workers have staged a walkout from 55 businesses already in Baden- Wuerttemberg.

Demands need to be met

The IG Metall Labor Union would like their pay to be increased by 6.5 per cent. They also demanding that apprenticeships being hired full time after their course should not be limited. The Union are also demanding that they have more control over the hiring of temporary workers. A 3 per cent wage rise proposal was rejected back in April.

Other companies to get involved

In the City of Freiburg there have been more potential strikes touted, with 650 employees from Daimler. Other companies involved include General Electric Co. (GE), Soloar-Fabrik AG (SFX), Marco Sprengler and more.


Audi, the luxury division from the Volkswagen Group are also set to see a strikes occurring. Audi’s plant in Neclarsulm produces the Audi A4, A6 and the Audi A8. On May 3rd, employees may decide to walkout along with 2,500 workers from Porsche based in Stuttgart. Employees from the Volkswagen brand have walked out.


MAN AG has also seen strikes with 400 employees taking part. TDK have seen 250 employees walkout.

The union in question represents thousands of metal workers in Germany. They believe that wages should be increased thanks to the strength within the German economy. Compared to other European economies, the German market is perhaps the strongest out of the lot. They have certainly shown the most resilience and strength following the Euro Zone crisis.

This will come as a blow to the German automotive industry, one that has been one the few positive markets throughout Europe. Will this affect the battle between Volkswagen and General Motors along with BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz.


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