Mercedes and Hamilton land knockout blow in Canada

Mercedes-and-Hamilton-land-knockout-blow-in-CanadaLewis Hamilton compared the damage he and his Mercedes team dealt out to Ferrari during the Canadian Grand Prix to that of a knockout punch by former boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather.

Hamilton and teammate Valtteri Bottas came in first and second respectively, their first one-two of the season. Hamilton’s main title rival, Sebastian Vettel overcame a string of bad luck to finish fourth, the first time this season he has not made the podium.

“Ferrari have been doing a fantastic job all year and I just think today Mercedes were the best,” Hamilton said in the afterglow of his sixth triumph at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Sunday evening.

“It was our first one-two of the year so in terms of optimal points it was the most powerful weekend we’ve had, and we maximised it. If Ferrari do that to us, it’s a blow. It’s like a right hook. This time it was us punching like Mayweather. I hope this can continue throughout the year.”

“It was a reality check in Monaco,” Hamilton admitted. “We could see the effects of what we had done wrong, but now we had to understand the reasons for that. When I went to the Mercedes factory on the Thursday after Monaco, the engineers were still conducting that analysis, so all I could do was ask further questions and give more feedback, then just focus on this week and getting ready for the task that lay ahead in Canada.”

“It was really down to the team, great minds working together, communicating,” Hamilton continued. “Which, working in a big organisation like this, doesn’t always happen. It’s easy to miscommunicate things, but we’re very open together in moving forward as a team.”

Next up for Hamilton and Mercedes is the Azerbeijan GP in Baku. Last year, Hamilton struggled badly as his former teammate, Nico Rosberg, dominated. The English driver admitted that he took his eye off the ball this time last year.

“I know what I did, what issues I had, at the time that I encountered them, so I don’t have to go back over that,” he said. “I don’t have any worries about it.

“Baku is another circuit that is very smooth, like Russia. I wasn’t quick in Russia so for us firstly getting the car where we need it in the weekend is definitely going to be a challenge. But we learned a lot from Monaco and we learned a lot from this weekend. If we apply the same diligence that we did in the past two weeks after every single race, even after a win, we’re sure that we can continue to do the best job that we can and to win.”

And referring to the up and down nature thus far of the fight with Vettel and Ferrari, he added: “Maybe we won’t need the rollercoaster ride so much!”

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