A special Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 for the 45th Anniversary

Mercedes-Benz will release a special and limited edition model of the SLS AMG to celebrate the 45th birthday of the AMG division. The vehicle will be the ultimate collector’s edition, according to Mercedes.

The vehicle is so exclusive that just five of them will be made at the company’s famous factory based in Affalterbach. To make the whole experience that bit extra special, Bernd Schneider, a former DTM champion and an AMG brand ambassador will be involved in the production of the car. He will be fitting the handcrafted AMG engines himself alongside a trained expert engineer.

That engine will be a magnificent 6.3 AMG litre V8 engine. This is sure to provide a mind blowing experience for any driver lucky enough to get behind the wheel. Performance figures has not been released as of yet.

The car’s exterior will be finished in graphite matte paint. This was the same paint used on the special edition Mercedes SLS AMG to celebrate its 45th year anniversary. A logo stating “45 years of Driving Performance” will be plated onto the inside of the doors.

Carbon fibre reinforced plastics will form a major part of the vehicles exterior body. The vehicle is extremely lightweight thanks to its material. Carbon fibre reinforced plastics consist is extremely light but strong at the same time. Such material can help the vehicle speed up a lot quicker off the mark and will also help its fuel efficiency to stay as low as possible. The lighter the car weights, the lower the fuel will be needed to keep it going. CFRP will spread to the vehicle’s rear apron, front splitter, mudguards, doors, front and rear apron, boot lid, bonnet and front splitter.

That’s not all. Those who decide to purchase the vehicle will be given the full experience. A tour of Mercedes-Benz’s headquarters in Affalterbach will be included. The tour will explain the history of the AMG division and how the prestigious vehicles are made. Bernd Schneider will then handover the vehicle to its new owner.

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 45th anniversary edition won’t come cheap as you may have guessed. If you want one, firstly you will need approximately €446,250. After that the buyers will come down to a selection process.

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