Mercedes Teases the GT R Again

Mercedes-Teases-the-GT-R-AgainWe recently mentioned that Mercedes-AMG is creating a new GT vehicle. They firstly created the GT, then the GT S, and now they have the GT R which is set for release at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in late June. In the previous article, we noted some of the spy shot photos and the possibility of what the cars technical statistics and powertrains may be. Now, after the release of new information, we know more about what the world will be dealing with in regards to the Mercedes-AMG GT R.

The teaser photos released by Mercedes show the GT R in lime green paint in a dark setting with the headlights on full beam. The photo itself evidently shows that the vehicle has an aggressive body kit which takes design cues from the AMG GT3 racing car. The design cues are rather important, but the car separates it from all other Mercedes-AMG vehicles by displaying a new grille, slats and rear wing. The car, it has been reported, has lost a lot of weight since the GT S so much of the body work is vital in keeping the car grounded. The interior has also been displayed through the Mercedes teaser pictures. The pictures of the interior demonstrate sports and luxury through black non-reflective leather with yellow stitching alongside a large central infotainment system.

The powertrains at this moment in time are a mystery. The only cue the motoring world has to go on is the previous GT S as it will have to be better than that. Being able to achieve 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds and having a top speed of 190mph will be hard to beat but we are sure that the Mercedes-AMG GT R will be able to.

Watch this space here for updates on the AMG GT R as it is finally unleashed in a couple of week’s time, and we will be the first to write about the future machine…

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