What the AMG puts into Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG, the SL 65 AMG and the CLS 63 AMG. You may have heard of these and many more models, but what exactly does the “AMG” mean?

The Mercedes-Benz AMG brand is a different type of car compared to typical models that are developed by the company. It is wholly inspired motorsport and is in the top end category of Mercedes-Benz models. Not only are that, but they are one of the world’s leading high performance cars.

AMG’s philosophy? Simply put it’s “one man, one engine”.

What are the differences between an AMG and an average Mercedes-Benz? Mainly the high end performance, sport inspired styling and astounding handling.

AMG models have been produced since the late 1960’s. Dynamics of the car are truly impeccable. All engines are hand made by chosen specialists. They create AMG models with the aim of standing out and being wholly unique. You get the feeling that the car is very unique with them being handcrafted by different single experts, made to absolute perfection. With certain individuals wholly responsible for the creation of the car, owners can feel like they are driving a very individual car.

Models are designed to drive impeccably with absolutely minimal effort from the driver. The excitement and overall performance of the car brings about a great experience. The company have mentioned that their employees are motivated by delivering cars with great performance. However AMG staff also aim to provide cars that are luxurious too.

Usually engines made to that sort of power consume a lot of fuel. The expert engineers at Mercedes-Benz ensure their engines are made to be very fuel efficient in comparison to the great power produced.

You’d be shelling out a lot for an AMG but are sure to get your money’s worth.

AMG Model types


  • C 63 AMG
  • E 63 AMG
  • S 63 AMG
  • S 65 AMG


  • SL 63 AMG


  • C63 AMG
  • CLS 63 AMG


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