Mercedes-Benz to rival the Audi Q3 and BMW X1?

The Mercedes-Benz GLC is to be released in the near future, which will directly compete with the BMW X1 as well as the Audi Q3.

Images have been released over the internet already. For those who like the look of it, they don’t have too long before they can purchase one with it being available in just over one year. From what we can see, the car looks very unique to say the least. It’s wide grill along with the large alloys give the vehicle an intimidating and aggressive look. The headlights are angular and not too large. The wheel arches are fairly high, which give the car a bit of height whilst showing off the wheels too.

All engine variants will be designed to handle both front wheel and four wheel drive formats. (The front wheel drive format hasn’t yet been officially confirmed) There is set to be a four cylinder turbocharged 1.8 litre direct injection petrol engine available as an option. The GLC 200 CGI will offer 168 BHP and the GLC 250 is able to produce 201 BHP.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC will source their diesel engines from Renault. They will come either as a 1.6 litre or a 2.1 litre. The 1.6 version will be able to produce around 120 BHP. The 2.1 litre will have two variants which consist of the GLC 200 CDI which is able to produce 170 BHP and the GLC 200 CDI which will be able to produce around 204 BHP.

BlueEfficiency is a Mercedes-Benz technology aiming to reduce carbon emissions and lower fuel expenses. It has been introduced to some models already and is expected to feature on every model in the future. Features such electo-mechanical steering along with start/stop technology and brake energy recuperation come under BlueEfficiency and will be fitted as standard within the GLC.

Another part of the future is sure to be that of alternative power to petrol and diesel. Mercedes-Benz are planning to include a petrol-electric hybrid and a hydrogen powered engine after the car’s initial release.

Will the new Mercedes-Benz GLC be as successful as the BMW X1 or the Audi Q3? It would be considered silly by many to bet against Mercedes-Benz but they may have a tough challenge ahead within this particular car market.




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