Mercedes-Benz V8 engine defect triggers lawsuits

Reports from America have claimed that Mercedes-Benz will be facing a lawsuit over their M156 V8 engines.

The engine is extremely powerful, with producing anything from 450 BHP to 570 BHP. The engine is used quite a few models, the C63 AMG, the SLS AMG supercar as well as the ML63 AMG crossover.

So what were the issues that brought about these apparent defects?

The V8 engine was not built with high quality and sustainable materials. This has been the reasoning behind premature wear and tear. To be more specific, the nodular iron camshafts are said to be not strong enough or could be using the incorrect offset to cooperate with the 9310 grade steel valve lifters.

Apparently the German car giants have failed to address these specific issues for 4 years.  Apparently it is an easy fix for the company, but will they recall every vehicle produced and rectify the initial problem? It doesn’t seem likely considering the amount of time the problem has been occurring for.

Do all these poor mechanical issues sound like Mercedes-Benz?

It would appear not. Their engineering is carried out to the highest level possible, with everything put into place with accuracy and care. It is one of the reasons why they are one the top premium luxury car providers in the world.

When the V8 engine first burst on to the scene, it was taken to very well and praised by many car experts and fans alike. It was the first engine to be produced from the prestigious AMG division. The quality in the way it was made, the power it produced, the sound it made plus many more features were wholly praised. Many would be shocked to find out how it has eventually come to this.


This piece of news will come as bad publicity for Mercedes-Benz. Our last article was also negative, with the company not performing well in terms of sales in China, for the third month in a row. It is certaintly an unwelcoming time for the company at present.

How will Mercedes-Benz deal with the V8 engine problems? Are the complaints justified? The case is still at quite an early stage, so at the moment the outcome is still down to pure speculation.


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