A look at the Detroit Motor Show

As with every car show, there are both hits and misses. Mercedes have managed to secure a hit with their CLA-Class as everyone expected. It’s stylish and is not priced expensively.

The exterior has great attention to detail with a wonderful design. It looks very much like a coupe and saloon mixed into one. The frameless windows give away the coupe type of look. Cleverly they have installed front wheel architecture which is the same as the A Class and B Class. This essentially helps Mercedes price their vehicle at a lower price whilst still managing to make a profit. The pricing of the vehicle could be the company’s main tool in fending off rivals. Vehicles such as the Buick Verano, Volkswagen CC or the Acura ILX are priced at a similar rate. Many would much rather prefer a Mercedes badge on their vehicle in that respect.

Other pieces of luxury in Detroit

The Chevrolet Corvette is the undoubted star of the show in our opinion. This has probably been the most popular stand at the motor show. The car looks stunning and if it drives as good as it looks, Chevrolet are clearly onto a winner.

The Lexus IS 350 F Sport 2014 model is a car which many have praised. Lexus were America’s number one luxury car maker for many years. The Japanese company have pinned their hopes on the car helping them raise their profile once again and catch up with the likes of BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Inside the car comes a wonderful LCD gauge, looking like the LFA supercar.

Infiniti are also looking to step up their game. They 2014 Infiniti Q50 was revealed in Detroit, looking like quite a magnificent car.  It will be tough competing against the highly successful BMW 3 Series.

It will be very interesting to see just who the number one car maker. It is still very much unknown just who will finish on top.

After looking at the amount of luxury being displayed at the Detroit Motor Show, this year’s battle looks to be just as good.
Mercedes lost out in 2011 but a newly adopted strategy in 2012 helped them raise their game significantly. The new generation C-Class helped the competition with the 3 Series greatly improve.

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