Mercedes-AMG Set To Release Menacing GT R

The Mercedes GT R is a menacing car and there is no doubt about it. But, with the fast approaching Goodwood Festival of Speed, Mercedes-AMG (the high performance division of Mercedes-Benz) are going to release the GT R. The concept was first being talked about in the New York Auto Show earlier this year and everyone is extremely excited about this.


There has however been little information released on the subject of this car. We are aware that the engine will produce more than 600hp. So, as  well as having the knowledge of the horsepower the engine produces, it is known that the GT R will contain enormous upgrades to the suspension, brakes, tyres and engine. There are also radical upgrades to the exterior body. The body will have added air ducts, a hexagonal grille and a slick tail too. But, alongside this, the body has gone through rigorous testing in order to maximise its aerodynamic capabilities. The car will therefore try and encapsulate all that it means to be a sports car.

It is known that the Mercedes-AMG GT R (according to Mercedes anyway) will be the best performing car ever, after the SLS Black Series. The SLS Black Series can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds whilst boasting a top speed of 195 mph. With these statistics in mind, Mercedes have a huge task on their hands to produce a car better than that or, they have actually managed to do it. What do you reckon Mercedes-AMG will be able to do?

Unlike many other supercars in the modern era, it has been stated that the Mercedes-AMG GT R will not be sold for anything less than its production costs. With this figure unknown, it is extremely hard to gauge how much Mercedes will be selling this vehicle for. At Servicing Stop, we reckon that it will sell in the region of £200,000.

The GT R sounds like an amazing piece of ground-breaking engineering, and after watching it fly round the Nürburgring it certainly looks like it too…

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