Mercedes-Benz CLC Review

The CLC is a luxury sports car, displaying the typical elegance that Mercedes-Benz usually provides. It’s part of the C-Class with production stopping at the beginning of this year.

However there were many positives about the Mercedes CLC, which lasted for a total of 3 years in production. This article discusses some of its best features.


The car looks very sporty and elegant at the same time. It is a 3 door coupe that looked classier than most cars in its class. From every angle, the car looked great with managing to balance class and sportiness very well. It will catch attention on the road and also standout.

Owning the car

When owning a sporty coupe such as the Mercedes CLC, typically the fuel prices are quite high. The diesel version appears to be the exception. This version of the car will give back a generous 49mph and will emit between 150-160g/km.

The car is also very reliable, as you would expect from a Mercedes-Benz. Owners are unlikely to complain too often about mechanical problems.

Safety within the car is also at an excellent standard. There is plenty of equipment to protect the drivers and passengers. These include acceleration skid control, airbags, ESP and brake assist technology.

The car is also very spacious within, enhancing its practicality benefits. The car suitable for everyday activities as well being suitable for those thrill seeking drivers.


The Mercedes CLC range comes is generously equipped. Even with the standard SE model there is a lot going for it.

Below we list some of the more interesting equipments that come with the SE and S models:


  • Climate control
  • A chrome interior trim
  • 16 inch alloy wheels
  • Bright Halogen headlights
  • Front fog lights
  • Front and rear parking sensors


  • 18 inch alloy wheels
  • Speed-sensitive power steering
  • Sports suspension


There are many benefits of the car to suggest that it was certainly great value for money. For those who have always wanted a Mercedes-Benz but have never been able to afford one, the Mercedes CLC is the answer to your prayers. It certainly fits the bill if you want a classy sport coupe.


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