Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled their new CLS Shooting Brake model. The car was showcased at the Mercedes-Benz World Brand Centre, located in Brooklands.

The venue is known as the traditional home of British Motor Racing, making the event that extra bit special. The Shooting Brake is an estate version of the standard saloon CLS. Well we saloon but Mercedes-Benz officially title the car a sporty four door coupe. The car has a low roofline which slops down at an angle, making it look more like a coupe. Frameless windows also help deliver that coupe effect.

There are hardly any differences mechanically speaking with the standard CLS and the CLS Shooting Brake. The car has air suspension and aluminium touches throughout the bodywork helping to keep the weight of the car down. The Mercedes-Benz 7G-Tronic Plus automatic transmission mates perfectly to the engine.

Start Sop technology increase the car’s economical aspects.A luggage compartment made out of real cherry tree wood is included. This represents one of the major differences between the two vehicles is that the Estate allows bags to be loaded in a unique style. The will be a choice of both petrol and diesel variants. The diesel engines will have a choice of 204 BHP and 265 BHP, labelled the 250 CDI and the 350 CDI respectively.

The petrol engine choices will power 306 BHP and 408 BHP respectively and will be labelled 350 and 500 respectively. Mercedes-Benz’s famous 4Matic all wheel drive system will only be available on the 350 CDI and 500 models. This represents a landmark for Mercedes-Benz fans as 4Matic is usually only associated with the European market rather than the motorists here in the UK. This is majorly due down the technical difficulties that 4Matic systems have with right hand drive vehicles. Mercedes-Benz desperately want to take their number one spot from BMW and are banking on new models such the CLS Shooting Brake to help them achieve such targets.

Dr Dieter Zetsche recently gave some insight into the strategy for the future for Mercedes-Benz. He said that the company will continue to focus on markets outside of Europe as there is more demand in markets such as China and the United States. In a cost cutting procedure Mercedes-Benz will release more vehicles that are based upon the same platform too.


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