Mercedes-Benz GL Class Grand Edition launched in India

Mercedes-Benz GL Class Grand Edition has officially been launch over in America. Mercedes-Benz India offers the broadest range of products for the country’s luxury car market.

The Mercedes-Benz GL Class is in terms of size one of the largest SUV’s available on the worldwide market. The German giants are clearly trying to grab a large chunk of market share within the SUV segment over in India.

Debashis Mitra – Competitively priced

Debashis Mitra, the Director of Sales and Marketing of Mercedes-Benz India released a statement saying that the upcoming vehicle has a competitive price and will prove to be a very appealing vehicle in the country. He said “India has burgeoning potential in terms of demand for SUVs. The superior connectivity and improved road conditions are fuelling this growth. Mercedes-Benz is an aspirational brand and GL-Class has received very encouraging response from the customers since its launch in India. The GL ‘Grand Edition’ has been aggressively priced for the Indian market and like its success in other markets; the introduction of the vehicle will further strengthen our dominance in the luxury Large SUV segment. The GL ‘Grand Edition’ with its proven off-roading prowess and luxurious interiors is ideal to suit the taste of the growing number of off-roading aficionados in India”.

Inside the cabin

The Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Grand Edition has enough space for anyone. Sitting inside is like being chauffeur driven in a luxuriously spaced vehicle. The interior is pure class and quality. There are two tone leather seats in different colour combinations which are purely exclusive to the Grand Edition.  The inside is so big that seven people are able to sit in comfort.

Lightweight wheels

To go with the tremendous body size, there will be 20 inch alloy wheels, which look quite spectacular. In order to keep the economy down, they are light weight wheels. That also means an improvement on performance levels too as there is less drag.

Exterior design

There will be a specially designed front grille which helps make the Grand Edition look that bit more intimidating. The car comes with dark tinted headlamps along with a new redesigned front bumper.

The Mercedes-Benz GL Class Grand Edition will take the Indian automotive market by storm. Although it will only be available to the rich as the price is sure to be extremely high, it will be worth every penny as the it is truly a unique type of car.

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