Mercedes-Benz self driving S-Class

Mercedes-Benz are creating an Autonomous Driving System within the new S-Class.

The self driving system will be a pioneer for road car technology. It will be the closet that the automotive industry has come to cars that drive themselves.

Slow moving traffic jams

This won’t mean that you can drive from London to Glasgow drinking coffee and reading newspapers. The technology will allow the car to drive itself at speeds of up to 25 MPH, through slow moving traffic jams. This will certainly reduce the aggravating and tedious factor of having to control your vehicle within a camera jam.

Drivers are now able “to concentrate on other things” according to Dr. Stefan Schweher, a Mercedes-Benz engineer. So you could perhaps have drink or fiddle with the car’s entertainment system whilst being stuck in a traffic jam.
Cameras and radars

The Mercedes-Benz Autonomous Driving System takes inspiration from radar guided cruise control systems. These types of systems intelligently link up cameras and sensors on the car’s exterior. This allows the car’s distance from the car ahead and current speed to be judge accurately.

There’s more

This is not all the new S-Class is set to come with. Peter Ebel, a systems engineer for Mercedes-Benz said “The new S-Class will feature our latest breakthrough in audio technology, bigger, ultra-high-quality display screens and even more premium materials,”
The Mercedes-Benz COMMAND online system will add tremendously to the car’s appeal. Users are now able to connect to Facebook and Twitter for all their social media needs. Google street view along with Google Local Search. The system is so clever that pre-determined routes set through Google Maps can be sent directly to the car’s satellite navigation system.

Rivals unable to compete?

Does this mean that the Mercedes-Benz can overtake major rivals such as the BMW 5 Series or the Audi S8?

The new Mercedes-Benz autonomous driving system has caught our attention and is certain to grab that of many motorists. Those who shop for large luxury cars may be swayed to trump for the new S-Class thanks to the self driving system being installed.

Major details haven’t yet been released. Many are still not entirely sure exactly how sophisticated the Mercedes-Benz Autonomous system will actually be. Is the car able to travel and bends and corners?

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