Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon

We take a more in depth look at the most popular Mercedes-Benz model, the C-Class. It’s a car that boots a great reputation and gets plenty of respect.

We highlight some of the car’s best features in this article.

Two different variants

Whether it’s speed or comfort that you require, Mercedes-Benz has made different types to suit both tastes.

  • Sport

The Sport versions are designed in a way to perform better on the road. Steering is more responsive as well as the models being much lower, for better handling. The Sport models will have suspension that is lower and also with a bodykit too.

  • Comfort

This type C-Class is designed in a way to be more comforting inside the cabin. However this type still offers decent performance with the car possessing good agility on the road.

A list of different petrol and diesel engines are offered with the Mercedes-Benz C Class.


C180 CGI – 154bhp

C250 CGI – 201bhp

C63 AMG – 451bhp


C200 CDI – 134bhp

C220 CDI – 168bhp

C250 – 201bhp

First class quality

As you would with Mercedes-Benz, the car is built with quality materials with great attention to detail. The car is unlikely to provide many problems, the C-Class has a reputation for being very reliable. Everything from the engineering of the vehicle to the interior design is well thought out and wonderfully designed and implemented.


The Mercedes-Benz C-Class offers plenty of practicality throughout. The boot is one of the biggest compared to its main rivals, with 475 litres worth of boot space (Folding seats to add to that come at an extra cost). Four adults are able to sit within the car in complete comfort. Three children are also able to sit in comfort at the back, making the car a great choice for a family vehicle. The car has a great driving position too, with the equipment beside the driver nicely layed out leaving them non-distracting but very accessible.


The car comes with practical and desirable equipment as standard. The SE, as standard will have parking sensors, climate control, alloy wheels plus more.


The car’s standard cost will be between £23,761 and £55,565 brand new.

Main rivals

  • BMW 3-Series
  • Alfa Romeo 159
  • Audi A4

If you want a car with class and elegance, that performs well and rarely lets you down, the C-Class is a great choice.


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