Stolen Mercedes tracked down using phone app

Stolen-Mercedes-tracked-down-using-phone-appAfter his car was stolen by thieves, a crime victim turned detective, with the help of a Smartphone app to track his £40,000 Mercedes-Benz down to where thieves had stashed it.

Hassan Liaquat was devastated when his Mercedes C250 was taken from his home driveway in the Horton Bank Top area of Bradford in the early hours of September 14th. He reported the theft to police, put out appeals on social media, and obtained a tracker app from his car dealership to download for his phone.

In no time at all, the tracker picked up the car’s location signal, and Liaquat was able to follow the signal to a locked storage unit in Centre Street, off Little Horton Lane.

“When I got there the unit was all locked up. I had a spare key for the car and I could hear it on the other side opening and locking when I pressed the fob,” he said.

After calling the local police who opened the storage facility up, Hassan was reunited with his car.

“The car’s outside wasn’t damaged but the back seats had been taken out. Whoever took it was probably trying to find the tracker,” he said.

“They’d started stripping it. The plates had also been changed.

“They knew I had the car. They must have been watching me. They or someone else wanted it and they took it.

“I was desperate to get it back. It cost me nearly £40,000 when U bought it new last year. It’s my pride and joy.”

Liaquat said the keys for the Mercedes, and three other cars on his drive were left on top of his fireplace. The other cars were left untouched.

“It’s so scary to think we were all asleep when they broke in,” he said.

“We’ve had all the locks changed now and replaced with stronger ones.

“We won’t be leaving the keys anywhere so obvious in future. I’m hoping to get my car back from police soon.”

West Yorkshire Police said they had received reports of a stolen Mercedes from an address in Windemere Road. Police said the car was eventually recovered the following day from premises in Centre Street. Enquiries were said to be ongoing.

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