The Mercedes-Benz C-Class to receive a 1.6 engine

News reports emerging from the United States have confirmed that the brand new C-Class will receive a variant with a 1.6 litre turbo engine.

This move has been made in order to compete with their main rivals BMW, who have a turbocharged 1.6 litre in their 316i model. The vehicle will be able to produce 136 BHP with a maximum amount of torque produced being 220 Nm.

The engine in question will be based on the engine that is to be placed into the A-Class originally. There will be two separate power outputs within the A-Class however, one being 121 BHP and the other being 154 BHP.

The technology involved is extremely clever and advanced. The engine will use piezo injectors, an intelligent turbo charging system, multi spark ignition and an electronic cam lift. The engine is intelligent that it will be able to offer Euro 6 levels of excellence. The fuel efficiency will be up to standards of a diesel vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz’s Camtronic two stage variable lift, which has only been recently developed will feature within the new C-Class. The engine’s capacity will be 1595cc. A 2.0 litre version of the engine has also been produced, hitting a maximum of 208 BHP and emitting 143g/km of C02.

In essence this means that there will be a C-Class under 2.0 litres that offers a great balance of performance and fuel efficiency.

Official testing has not begun yet however. The new C-Class 1.6 will be made available for testing later on this year.

The brand new engine will neatly contain four cylinders. Developers and insiders know the engine as M274 at the moment.

The economy ratings of the new engine have not yet been officially announced. However it is safe to assume that they will be based on the economical values of the A-Class engine, which produce 128g/km and 129g/km of C02 respectively.

Mercedes-Benz BlueDirect technology will play a major part in helping the vehicle keep it’s emissions as low as possible.

Fuel injection technology also plays a major part in both the vehicle’s performance and economy. There are five injectors which work with which each individual power stroke, helping the fuel to be placed where it belongs in a more accurate fashion. Multi spark ignition makes way for four sparks to be discharged in less than a millisecond.

We hope that the new Mercedes-Benz 1.6 turbo makes it’s way to the UK eventually. It sounds like a terrific engine.


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