Mercedes concept coupe fully revealed

Mercedes-concept-coupe-fully-revealedWe were teased with some darkly lit sneak previews a month or so ago, but the latest concept coupe offering from Mercedes-Benz – the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 has been properly revealed at Pebble Beach, California.

Described as the “ultimate in luxury”, Mercedes says the 2+2 “pays homage to the glorious age of the aero coupes and consciously carries this tradition forward into the future.”

The Maybach is over 18.5 feet long, but what’s most surprising about the coupe, is that it’s an electric vehicle. The drive system creates 550 kW (738 hp) from a battery located under the cabin floor, and four electric motors. Benz says that the vehicle can hit 62 mph in under 4 seconds, and has a top speed of 155 mph. The range is touted at 200-miles off a single charge.

The coupe has an enormous set of wheels fitted – measuring (24 inches), a long hood, slim headlights, low roof and a massive chrome grille (apparently inspired by a pinstripe suit). The sloping rear glass effect evokes – Benz hopes – the aero-coupe glory days of the past. Despite that, the car looks incredibly futuristic – a reinterpretation of the classics, the company states.

The AG design boss at Daimler, Gorden Wagener says the car is both “hot,” or emotional, and “cool” or intelligent, as in aerodynamically efficient.

The interior of the Maybach has not been officially unveiled to the public, but sketches have been released. They show a dashboard that curves into the doors and seats. Mercedes-Benz has promised an abundance of leather and wood fittings, while the displays are digital and housed in an electronic strip on top of the dashboard. This extends the full width of the interior, so passengers can adjust the controls themselves. Driving-related data is shown across the base of the windscreen. The cabin floor is made from elm – Benz claim to have used that because they intend to start incorporating it into production cars.

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