Mercedes-Benz E Class coupe

When you think of Mercedes-Benz, you think of class and elegance. The E-class coupe is no different, and is one the best cars in its class. We take a look at the features that we think help make the car stand out from the rest.


The typical Mercedes-Benz E class is a classy looking car, with people such as business executives seen in one. The Mercedes- Benz E class coupe manages to keep all that class but offer a brilliant sporty look. Its shape makes it look fast with both 17 and 18inch wheels on both models looking brilliant on the car. The AMG body kit available with the sport model makes it look dynamic and agile.


There is a great choice of engines, all of which offer a very good performance which drivers will enjoy. There is a four cylinder V6 petrol along with a V8 petrol too. There are also efficient diesel versions including a V6 E350 CDI.


The handling isn’t just sporty, but it’s also made for comfort. The car grips the road well and has responsive steering with brilliant suspension. With the great agility control suspension setup, passengers are unlikely to feel bumps and uncomfortable sections of the roads. One of the best features of the vehicles that represent its true diversity in both sports and elegance is the handling.

Equipment in both ranges

The Mercedes E class coupe comes in two ranges, the SE and sport. Whichever model you decide to go for, you are unlikely to be disappointed. There is climate control, heated seats, parking sensors and leather seats too.  The sport mode adds better brakes with a different lighting system, that offers different beam patters and has a LED daytime running lamps.


There are 7 airbags with a drowsiness detector for the driver. A pedestrian protection system is also included, which opens the bonnet at the appropriate time when needed.


The car has the quality to rival any, with it being a Mercedes-Benz. Many would be proud to drive the car, with its attractive interior and striking overall looks. If you want a car that strikes a perfect balance between sportiness and class, then the Mercedes E Class Coupe is a very good choice.


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