Mercedes E300 Hybrid

The Mercedes E300 Hybrid is a sign of moving forward for the German luxury car giant. Mercedes seriously needed a new model to catch up with BMW’s Efficient Dynamics range.Mercedes’ latest effort sees a saloon combined with a diesel engine and an electric motor. Fuel economy reaches 67.3 MPG and allows C02 to push up to 111g/km.

Looks wise there is not much difference between the standard E-Class and the new hybrid. The only distinction is the BlueTEC badge placed on the boot lid. Looks wise the car is not the greatest and now looks slightly outdated. The new generation E-Class will be seen at the Detroit Motor Show however.

Standard equipment
17 inch alloy wheels will come as standard. Other features to come as standard include both front and rear parking sensors and an electrically adjustable driver seat. Some reviews have pointed out that for the £40,000 price tag; the amount of equipment does not justify the price tag. Optional extras such as satellite navigation and a DISTRONIC radar system cost slightly more.

The lithium-ion batteries are stored under the rear seats. This means that space is saved within the vehicle so no features are compromised. The legroom within the car is larger than the BMW 520d but the 505 litre boot is less practical with it more difficult for passenger to load items.

Perhaps the price tag derives from the mechanical engineering instead. The engine is superb, combining with the electric motor wonderfully. Compared to the BMW 520d, the car hits 0 – 62 MPH 1 second quicker than its nearest rival. It reaches this time in only 7.4 seconds. The electric motor itself provides an extra 27 BHP boost.

Some reviews have however stated that the car is disappointing on the road. The aerodynamics and suspension are not quite up to scratch with the standard E-Class.  As the car is lowered bumps are uncomfortable.

The Mercedes E300 does return an excellent fuel economy rating thanks to it’s diesel and electric motor combination, rather than going for a petrol engine. But overall the BMW 520d perhaps makes a better investment. Looks wise the BMW is fresher and offers a much better drive. The Mercedes is slightly cheaper to run but overall the BMW is a better car to own for now.

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