New Mercedes S-Class seen already

Mercedes-Benz S-Class interior The brand new Mercedes S-Class has been seen in testing before it goes on release. It was seen without any cover or disguise in a video shoot.

We were originally expected to see the new S-Class in a few months in an event hosted in Hamburg. Anticipation of the vehicle will now be calmed with the latest images being released, with plenty given away.

The front grille has been made larger with brand new redesigned headlights. The rear of the vehicle is similar to resemble the CLA. The boot lid has a curved design with the exhaust material containing chrome.

Next generation in-car technology

Expect a great deal of advanced technology within the car too. This particular Mercedes comes with a unique 6D vision system which indicates whether pedestrians are stepping onto the road. If the system finds that there is an obstruction on the road, the brakes will automatically hit. The LED headlights will automatically be switched on whenever there is oncoming traffic or even when the vehicle speeds around corners.

Autonomous driving

We’ve heard plenty about autonomous driving and the benefits it brings, well here it is (to an extent). The vehicle is able to drive through independently through traffic. Speeds will be a maximum of just 25 MPH.

V12 engine

There will also be a variety of engines within the vehicle. These include a V12 placed within the S65 AMG four cylinder diesel as well as a highly anticipated plug-in hybrid version.

Quality interior

The brand new S-Class will be on sale later on this year. A two door Coupe is expected to replace the CL-Class, also to be released in 2013. It is a car full of luxury, class and style. The interior comes with wood, aluminium and leather material. There is not a hint of plastic anywhere in the car. The rear seats can recline by 45%, a very handy feature indeed. They even come with a foot and calf rest. With the front passenger seats folded forward, there is an opportunity for maximum legroom.

An advanced climate control control is available for £300. This involves the use of perfume capsules, which themselves will cost £50 to replace year upon year.

Noise cancellation

Driving the S-Class will be smooth. The vehicle’s engine will have minimal noise as well as vibration. This is done again through superb technology. Mercedes-Benz has installed noise cancellation technology which keeps everything as quiet as possible, giving a much quieter and smoother ride.

Expect the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class to be rather expensive when released.


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