The Mercedes-Benz B200 natural gas

The Mercedes-Benz B200 natural gas Images of the Mercedes-Benz B200 natural gas has been shown off to bring about greater anticipation for it’s arrival at the Paris Motor Show later this month.

Looks wise, the car is exactly the same as the standard Mercedes-Benz B200. The only real difference is the LED running daytime headlights. The power train is where the real differences are. The vehicle will contain a petrol tank that is combined with two smaller ones which will be placed beneath the rear seats. 46 pounds of natural gas will be held without taking up any space for passengers within the vehicle. In essence the natural gas version is based on the petrol version with similar components.

It doesn’t perform to badly either. It is able to achieve 156 BHP. From 0 – 62 MPH, the B200 natural gas can hit a time of 9.1 seconds, a pretty respectable score for a vehicle of that type. The vehicle’s top speed will be 124 MPH. There is not much a difference performance wise between the standard petrol B200. The top speed in the petrol version is 136 MPH with it hitting 0 – 62 MPH in only 8.6 seconds.

Economy wise, owners of the natural gas version will be saving a great amount of money. It is estimated that around 50 per cent per km will be saved when compared to the petrol vehicle. You will find that natural gas is half the price of petrol typically throughout Europe. Who wouldn’t want the B200 natural gas over the petrol version? The environment is also a major beneficiary of the vehicle.

It is estimated that the car will be able to achieve an outstanding 67 MPG according to UK testing.
When we will get the chance to buy one? The car will go on sale throughout the European region as soon as next year. There is no pricing information as of yet. This will be revealed after the Pairs Motor Show as we edge closer to the vehicle’s launch. What has been confirmed is that the vehicle will not be released in the United States of America. They prefer hybrid cars rather than natural gas.

Plenty of well respected auto journalists have praised the vehicle, claiming that the B200 natural gas could be one of the biggest hits on the European car market next year.

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