The Mercedes C Class

The-Mercedes-C-ClassWhatever class of cars Mercedes release, we know that they will be extremely good vehicles. It is known that Mercedes is soon going to release an updated C Class as part of the mid season facelift. These vehicles will be extremely sought after but, the AMG vehicles with all of its upgrades will be even more sought after. We know what to expect from them, but what should we expect from the soon to be released convertible version of the C Class? We haven’t seen a convertible Mercedes for some time and there has never been a convertible C Class, so this should be interesting.

The information received so far tells us that there will be two different diesel engines, two different petrol engines and three different AMG tuned engines for the Mercedes C Class cabriolets. It has been rumoured that the best performing engine will be a 469hp biturbo V8 engine which will manage to complete the 0-60mph sprint in just 4.2 seconds. Even with the added 125kg, because of the loss of the roof, the new C Class cabriolet will be a very powerful vehicle.

The exterior will of course change, and will then change again when the AMG arm of Mercedes take a look at the car. We know that the AMG copy will come equipped with 18inch alloy wheels, a diamond radiator grille and specially designed AMG body trims. The interior will also scream luxury with wood, aluminium and leather trims across the dashboard, the door and centre console.

Technology will also play a vital part in the C Class cabriolet. It will be kitted out with LED headlamps, Active Park Assist, reversing cameras and an aircap wind deflector which ensures that when the roof is down, you will only feel a slight breeze.

The car sounds amazing, especially the aircap wind deflector. We can’t wait to take a proper look at it…

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