Car2Go service expands to Toronto

Car2Go has recently expanded to Toronto as from the 30th of June this year, making it available 11 cities across the world. As part of the expansion 250 Smart Fortwo models were shipped over to the City.

Already Car2Go has experienced success in other parts of Canada including Vancouver and Calgary which justified the move to Toronto.

Car2Go is a car rental type of business that aims to deliver ease and convenience. Rules and billing are easy to follow making it easy for motorists to quickly grab a rental car.

Membership cost $35 which is a one off fee. Rental cars are then made available with the vehicles parked in specific areas around the city. There is no tax involved in the scheme. Rentals cost just 35 cents per minute. That price includes the expense of parking, mileage, fuel, insurance, GPS, cleaning, maintenance, roadside assistance and customer assistance. An hour of driving will cost $12.99 with a whole day costing $65.99. Once the car has passed 200 KM a charge of 45 cents will be charged per KM.

Car2Go is essentially a wonderful alternative to public transport within urban areas. Nicholas Cole, the President of the Car2Go scheme in Canada said “It’s a flexible alternative for those times when you need a car and transit isn’t going to be convenient for you. You may have a doctor’s appointment and be under time constraints. You may want to attend a big event or you may need to take a trip out of town without an idea of when you’re going to be back – there are no set return times.”

Smart phone technology has been neatly integrated too. Now users are able to locate the nearest vehicle and book online through the mobile app. A passkey is sent to the driver which is then used to unlock the vehicle and start up the ignition. After the user completes a questionnaire based on the condition of the vehicle, it is then ready to drive thereafter. A fuel credit card is supplied which neatly utilises a pin code that the on-board computer assigns it. The car must be returned to a dedicated parking slot after the driver has finished. It’s that simple!

One of the reasons why City2Go has been so successful is the issue of parking costs. That has essentially been removed which the company’s dedicated parking slots around the city.


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