Coupe added to the Mercedes S-Class line-up

A coupe has been added to the Mercedes S-Class line-up. The German company hope that the vehicle can now compete with the likes of the Bentley Continental GT.

There are now five models within the line-up of the S-Class. We will see the coupe at the 2014 Geneva motor show. There were reports back in 2007 that a fabric roof would be eventually introduced.

The S-Class has been improved and upgraded a great deal due to the company’s super luxury brand Maybach being dropped. The brand was intended to compete with the likes of Bentley but unfortunately there was a decade of disappointing sales.

Different lengths and wheelbase sizes are now being issued. We will see the car in a standard, long-wheelbase and extra-long wheelbase. These saloons will feature the same type of styling.

We’ll get to see the highly anticipated Mercedes-Benz S-Class standard and long wheelbase versions at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2013. The Pullman and Maybach 57 will be seen first at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show.

Mercedes-Benz has stated that their new S-Class revolution has been adapted to customer feedback. The extra-long wheelbase will go into battle with the Rolls-Royce Ghost and the Bentley Continental Flying Spur.

Self-driving camera

There has been news of a self-driving Mercedes-S Class with it boasting a great deal of technology. It has a great number of sensors around the vehicle including a long range camera in the grille. The Distronic Plus radar based cruise control is a magnificent and intelligent system.

The steering assist feature within the car helps the vehicle stay in lane. Cleverly the vehicle reads various road signs and the road markings whilst being aware of cars that are around thanks to the great amount of sensors.

The light bulbs within the car and outside have been replaced with LED’s. The exterior lights cleverly dim when an oncoming vehicle is approaching. The car’s cameras will detect that. The car’s brake lights will effectively turn brighter and brighter during the daylight hours.

Strangely the car does not ooze the term self-drive as you may think. The dashboard displays information regarding the road signs. The night view camera is also a great safety feature providing a clear view.

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