Ecclestone thinks Mercedes and Ferrari will exit Formula One

Ecclestone-thinks-Mercedes-and-Ferrari-will-exit-Formula-OneBernie Ecclestone has revealed that he thinks Mercedes and Ferrari will pull out of the sport in the near future. He also said he thinks the Singapore Grand Prix is not set to feature beyond 2017.

His comments came as part of a wide ranging interview with German magazine Auto Motor und Sport. Ecclestone spoke about the implications of the next Concorde agreement, which contractually binds the top teams into participating. Ecclestone said it’s far from certain Mercedes – the current world champions – and Ferrari – the most iconic brand – would stay once the new deal is agreed in 2020.

“It could happen to us that Mercedes and Ferrari run away,” Ecclestone said. “But honestly, if the races get better, this may not be such a terrible vision.

“We have to expect the manufacturers to leave us anyway. Mercedes will retire on the day when it suits them and it’s something we had before — look at Honda, BMW and Toyota. They go when Formula One has done the job for them. There is no gratitude.”

Ecclestone also talked about the future he perceived for the Singapore Grand Prix, which has a contract running until the end of the 2017 season. The F1 CEO thinks it’s possible the current promoters will not choose to renew, as the race has achieved everything they wanted from the event, now the most popular on the calendar.

“It is the same with the organisers. Look at what we have done for Singapore. Yes, the Grand Prix has cost Singapore a lot of money, but we’ve also given them a lot of money.

“Singapore was suddenly more than just an airport to fly to or from somewhere. Now they believe they have reached their goal and they do not want a grand prix anymore.”

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