How Are Mercedes Going to Take on the Indian Market?

The Indian and Chinese markets are most possibly the two biggest automotive markets in the world right now. But, even in these markets there are markets too. This specific market is the crossover SUV which is now the most popular vehicle in the world right now. So, automotive manufacturing companies are channelling their sales towards it. How then, is Mercedes planning to do this in India?


Well, very soon, they plan to release the Mercedes GLC. At this moment in time, Mercedes have the second biggest range of vehicles in India but, they have a loop when it comes to the larger versions of the crossover SUV. So, this means that consumers are buying either Audi Q5’s or the BMW X3 as alternatives to Mercedes’ vehicles.

The Mercedes GLC takes its design cues from the C Class models. They look extremely similar except from the sizes. The GLC has a much wider and linger base than the C Class, it also has a fatter cabin and longer nose too. The cabins interior is also very similar but, concentrates more on luxury than the C Class ever did. With these changes, we are sure that the GLC crossover SUV will be a massive hit.

As we have already mentioned, the GLC is a new addition to the vast range of Mercedes’ vehicles in India. But, it has just been released straight after the GLS so; it may face internal struggles of sales. However, the two vehicles have their own rather niche capabilities and may therefore just sell to their own direct market consumers. But, in other markets, Mercedes are releasing the GLB crossover, it is unknown if it will sale as of yet. We are sure that the GLC will sell well but, have the German automotive company left it too late to make an impact?

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